We're Back! October 18 2013, 0 Comments

Finally, Social Fabric is back!

The last 4 months has been a MAJOR experience for Social Fabric. To move home and business to a new city is a decision not to be taken lightly . . . if we didn't know that before, we certainly do now!

The change has been energising and rewarding. The city is where Social Fabric belongs. With our brand of urban chic and our current obsession with neo-modernist design, we feel it's a perfect fit. We're galvanised by our new environment and we are brimming with "too many ideas". It's as if the city has been waiting for us all this time.

With the move, Social Fabric is concentrating on textile design rather than furniture refurbishment - although we intend to offer furnishing products in the near future.

To celebrate the change in direction we have a new logo (see above).

With our first fabric designs rolling off the presses, we couldn't wait to get them to our customers, so we've put the first release online with more to follow.

You might notice that a few styles in this first selection are based on earlier Chair Gallery fabrics, but they come with some noticeable changes. Namely brighter, more vibrant colour and a highly reliable, commercial grade base cloth. We have also taken the opportunity to tidy up the designs and create true repeating patterns. This can result in slight changes to scale, colour and positioning so please be aware of this if you are adding to an existing collection. If in doubt, swatches are available to order on each product page.

So, go ahead, enjoy the website and make sure to check back regularly as we release more great designs.

Great to see you again!


- the Social Fabric Team